Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gooseberry River

Gooseberry Falls State Park was our destination Monday afternoon.  The park is along the Gooseberry River and sits on the shores of Lake Superior.  We spent three nights camping there.

The falls along the Gooseberry River are one of the highlights of the park.  The top photo is the right side of the lower falls.  The photo above is the middle falls.  The falls were pretty crowded on Labor Day, so it took some creative angles to not have people in the pictures.

Above is the middle falls, looking upstream from the river bed.  The State Route 61 bridge over the Gooseberry River is in the background.

Joy and Laney posing in front of the falls.  Laney and I enjoyed climbing on the rocks and playing in the water.

Middle falls

Here is a view of the Gooseberry River as it makes its way out to Lake Superior.

I am pretty sure this is the right side of lower falls.

Laney and Joy pose near the left side of lower falls.  It took some rock-hopping to get over to see this side.

Middle falls in the evening

It would be fair to call our trip a 'waterfall tour'.  Everywhere along the north shore the waterfalls were amazing.

Upper falls was just upstream of the highway bridge.  There was another falls even further upstream called fifth falls.  I ran there one morning, but we didn't hike to it.

Cedar Waxwings were everywhere, and the first-year birds were particularly vocal.

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