Monday, September 15, 2014

Lake Superior Shoreline at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Sunrise over the beach from the lookout point.  One of the great things about camping at the park was getting to enjoy the quiet, early mornings.  Laney and I went for several sunrise runs along the lake, with the camera, of course.

Sunrise over Lake Superior from the lookout point.  The lake was fairly calm on Tuesday morning.

Laney and I wading across the Gooseberry River at its mouth.  The river got narrow and swift before it emptied into the lake.

Laney let a little bit of her lab side come out, and had a good time playing in the water all week.  She would get especially energetic after swimming in the cool lake water.

Laney and I exploring the rocky shore line.

A panoramic view looking north along the coast.

It was fun to see the flowers blooming in the cracks and pools on the rocks along the lake.  Kalm's Lobelia was fairly common on the rocks.

Joy getting ready to jump into the Gooseberry River.  The river was noticeably warmer than the lake.  I heard that the lake temperature was 57.

It was fun to look for pretty stones on the beach.  I swam out in the lake, but I kept coming back to the warmer water of the river.

Laney out in the lake

Laney and Joy drying off on the beach

Shrubby Cinquefoil growing along the lake.

Some of the rock pools on the rocks above the shore.

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