Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stewart Creek

Our next stop was at a place just north of Two Harbors called Betty's Pies.  While Joy was picking up a pie, Laney and I went exploring.  The shop was on the banks of Stewart Creek.  Like most of the creeks that flow into Superior on the north shore, this one was constricted greatly by a gravel bar at its mouth.  The water was swift and cool, but Laney and I enjoyed wading in it.

Laney checking out the beach on the north side of the creek.

The rocky shore line and narrow beach on the south side of the creek.  Laney and I also enjoyed scrambling around on the rocks.

Bald Eagle's were common flying along the shore. We saw them most days.  We stopped at Betty's Pies again on the way home on Saturday for dinner.  They had pasties, which were pretty good.

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