Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kayaking in the Fog

Heading out into the fog.

Twin Island

Andrew got a great shot of the pine leaning out over the lake.

Heading back to Birch Crest, following the sun.

Monday morning Andrew and I (Ben) went down to Birch Crest on Horn Lake to kayak. We wanted to be there early to watch the sun rise from the lake. The previous morning had been clear and calm, with a wisps of fog rising from the lake. Monday morning, however, the temperature had dropped to the mid-40's and the lake was covered in dense fog. We kayaked out to Twin Island, where the fog was a little less dense. It was a gorgeous morning and it was fun to test our navigation and memory. We couldn't see any land after leaving Twin Island, but we headed into the sun to make our way back. Despite the air temps, it didn't feel bad out on the lake. The water was so much warmer than the air, we'd dip our hands in the water whenever they got cold. It didn't even feel cold when we went swimming, that is, until we got out of the water...

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This looks amazing!!