Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Vacation in Canada

You know you must enjoy a place if you continue to go back to visit. This was the fourth time we have vacationed with the Wathens and Irwins in Burk's Falls, Ontario, and it was (as always) a great trip.

We got to the Wathen's cabin on Saturday afternoon, so there wasn't much time to do anything on that day. We went grocery shopping, made dinner, unpacked and settled in for the night. Here is Ben and Laney sleeping out on the porch.

On Sunday, we didn't have too much planned. A some of us took a walk to a little marsh on South Horn Lake Road. We looked for moose every time we passed this marsh, but never found one.

In the afternoon, we headed to the local village pub to watch the Colts' game. We couldn't miss Luck's opening game of the season! Unfortunately, the electricity for the whole town went out after half time, so we didn't get to watch the Colts lose to the Bears. Maybe it wasn't so unfortunate to lose power after all.

Since we couldn't watch the end of the game, we decide to stretch our legs and take a walk. Here is all of us posing with Pete the Bear. Laney is funny in this picture. Ben pushed the timer for the camera and then rushed to get into the picture. I was holding Laney's leash, and she desperately wanted to be with Ben (even though he was coming right back to be in the picture). When he knelt down to get into the picture, Laney welcomed him back with a big kiss on the cheek!

After our short walk, the girls went to a nearby town to buy more groceries and the boys headed back to the cabin to go hiking behind the Wathen's property.

They found a cranberry patch and decided to pick some.

Laney enjoyed exploring with her master.  
She would follow Ben any where.  

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