Friday, September 25, 2015

Sundew Prairie II

I got to revisit Sundew Prairie last week. It was fun to see the seasons change from June.

Agalinus purpurea - purple false foxglove was one of the dominant flowers.

Bidens polylepis - tickseed sunflower was the other dominant flower.

Drosera intermedia - spatulate-leaved sundew has the scapes arising laterally before curving up.

Hypericum canadense - Canadian St. John's-wort was one of the several small St. John's-worts blooming in the sand.

Polygala polygama - Purple Milkwort

Agalinus tenuifolia - slender false foxglove was not as common as the other false foxglove.

Solidago rugosa - rugose goldenrod

Bulbostylis capillaris - dense-tuft hairsedge kept getting mistaken for Fimbristylis autumnalis.

Hypericum gentianoides - orange grass was an easier St. John's-wort to identify.

I'm a sucker for photos of Polygala sanguinea - purple milkwort.

I kept trying to identify Rhychospora capitellata from just the leaf color, with limited success.

Juncus brachycarpus - short-fruited rush was one of the many rushes present.

Juncus greenei - Greene's rush was a good looking rush.

Hypericum canadense - Canadian St. John's-wort

Hypericum majus - larger Canada St. John's-wort had rounder leaves.

Lycaena hyllus - Bronze copper

Gentiana andrewsii - bottle gentian has plaits between the corolla lobes that are distinctly longer than the lobes.

Palm Warbler

Spiranthes cernua - nodding ladies-tresses

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