Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oreo (March 7, 2011 - November 8, 2013)

Last week, we said goodbye to our last rat from Mishka's litter.  Oreo was always a submissive rat, and she was as sweet as her name implies.  She had some of the softest fur we have felt on a rat, and she loved getting her ears rubbed.  She was pretty shy but always enjoyed getting individual attention.  Unfortunately, she developed multiple tumors, which eventually took over her body.  Even when sick, Oreo was always excited to get her food and seemed to enjoy life.  Sweet Oreo surprised us by outlasting all of her siblings, even Belle, who had shown very few health problems.  Oreo (aka. Ory) would often have a cute expression on her face that made me smile.  I loved her crooked ears and her joy for life.  It is always sad to say goodbye to a pet, but I think we felt Oreo's passing even more since she was the last of the litter to go.  She was a sweetie and she is missed.

Catching a ride in the rat snow mobile.

Peeking out to say hi.

Click here for more pics of Oreo.

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