Sunday, March 24, 2013

Canoeing Rainbow River

Canoeing Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida

I wanted to take Joy to see Rainbow River on our Florida trip, having been there while working in the area. It was just the three of us, and the weather was perfect.

According the sign at the State Park, Rainbow Springs is the fifth largest springs by volume of water in the world. The river starts full-sized at the state park and has numerous springs along the spring run. The water is crystal clear, 72 degrees, and with much of it having a sandy bottom. Blooming Vallinsneria covered much of the rest.

A cypress tree stands out from the shore. The left bank was mostly undeveloped and wild. We didn't get to see any otters, like I had the previous time, but we did find two alligators. Other non-avian highlights included a red fox and an armadillo.

A group shot of the three of us. Laney did pretty well, and really enjoyed watching the wading birds, with maybe a different focus than I had. She was sure she could have caught an immature Little Blue Heron, and we were lucky to not have been tipped.

Laney sitting back with me, after the Little Blue Heron ruckus.

Joy relaxing and enjoying the view. It was still too early for the tubers, so we mostly had the river to ourselves. It got warm enough by the afternoon that I went for a swim with a cormorant.

A lovely view as we get close to Dunnellon and the confluence with the Withlacoochee. The trip made me want to take the trip down the Withlacoochee one day, as they say it is more remote, peaceful, and with more wildlife. I'll post about the avian highlights in the next post.

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