Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Relaxing Tuesday

After a day of hiking on Monday, we decided to have a relaxing day on Tuesday.   Andrew, Ben and I went to Kearney to check out Canoe Algonquin, and to set up our canoe reservation for the next day.  On the way there we drove by the Midlothian Screaming Heads.  We didn't stop to go through the whole exhibit, but did manage to get a quick pic of one of the trees in the "Enchanted Forest."  It is sort of a weird place.

Later in the afternoon, the boys and I drove down to Horn Lake to enjoy some time on the water.

Ben attempted to kayak with Laney, but she wasn't too excited about being along for the ride.  So Ben decided it would be better to canoe with her instead.

Rich and Andrew kayaking on Horn Lake.

I love kayaking!

Taking a break from the wind by Twin Island.

Ben and Laney swimming.  

And since Andrew's camera is waterproof, we had to take some underwater pictures.  Here is a cool one of Rich and Ben.

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