Monday, September 26, 2011

String Lake and Jenny Lake

A herd of Elk viewed from the Willow Flats. The picture was primarily of the mountains, not the elk. If you enlarge the picture, you can see spots in front of the dark shrubs on the left side of the picture.
Mount Moran from the Oxbow. We went to the Oxbow several times early in the morning and in the evening to see wildlife, but never saw anything bigger than a swan.
After I hiked back around Jenny Lake (Joy took the ferry), we went for a walk along String Lake. It was here that we saw our fox.
The afternoon was sunny and warm, so I decided to go for a swim after the hike. The water was much colder than at Moose Falls. I eased in and swam around for a while. It was not the coldest water I have been in, but it certainly wasn't warm. A group of four Germans were swimming next to us, and even though we don't speak German, we all laughed with them at their antics in the cold water.

After my swim, we did the Jenny Lake drive. Here is a view of Cascade Canyon from across the lake.

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Kramer Bill said...

Dear Ben and Joy you bring back fond memories. My brother lives in Teton Village and I used to visit him before I got too old. You showed a picture of but did not name my favorite mountain: Mt Moran. A glacier is trapped in the horns. Jenny lake is 1000 ft deep. The Tetons are so majestic because the eastern side has an abrupt rather than a gradual slope.