Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point

Thursday morning we headed to the Jenny Lake trailhead to hike to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Jenny Lake sits right at the base of the Teton range, and Hidden Falls and Inspiration point are on the far side of the lake in Cascade Canyon. Here is Cascade Creek.
I believe that this is an Aconitum, or Monk's Hood. This flower was very showy and common in the canyon.

Hidden Falls

I spent more time looking for pikas than at Hidden Falls. I saw a couple, but they did not stay out long enough for me to show them to Joy.
After Hidden Falls, the trail curved around a promontory to Inspiration Point, with a nice view of Jenny Lake.
The view of the peaks for Inspiration Point.

Sitting at Inspiration Point, taking in the view.

It was when we were coming back down from Inspiration Point when we had our moose encounter.

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