Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Red River Gorge, Fall '09

Last weekend was the annual fall trip to the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. It was maybe a week past prime foliage colors, but the oaks still had leaves and the weather more than atoned for the loss. The sky was perfectly clear all weekend (the stars were so bright and I could even see the Milky Way) and it was dry and temperate.
Andrew, Ben, and I ran out to Chimney Rock and Princess Arch in the morning. We timed our run so that we could see the sunrise. I have been wanting to play with photostitch and panoramic pictures. I don't like the line through the sky, but they are not that bad.

View from the overlook near Princess Arch.

Two-hundred and seventy degrees from the promontory where we eat lunch. You can see Pinch'em Tight Gap on the left side of the picture. All of the kids are out on the very point.

View of Pinch'em Tight Gap from Chimney Rock before sunrise.

View up the valley towards camp. Half-moon Dome is in the left foreground.

Kay Craig crossing the slippery log (aka Micah's bane). Most of the kids tried it and no one fell in. The rope swing was another matter. Quite a few got wet crossing the creek that way.

Leslie descending to the gap. I wanted those who had never seen it to get a chance.

Katie Romoser down in the crack.

Paul Romoser preparing to be pinched tight.
The hike on Saturday went well and we got back to camp just before sunset. There was no fire ban, so Gordon had a fire waiting for us. One of my favorite parts of camping is sleeping under the stars in my hammock. That has to be the most comfortable and peaceful way to sleep.

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