Friday, November 13, 2009

Male Cooper's Hawk

This juvenile male was sitting by the gas tanks at work. I think he had hit the fence while pursuing a sparrow. You can see a little gash on his chest. I hear that they can be a little reckless in pursuit of prey. He let me approach pretty closely before he flew to a nearby rooftop. Hopefully he heals up just fine. It was quite a treat to see him this close. He has his left foot tucked up in all but the last picture. I am just taking a guess that he is a male based on size, but he is clearly a juvenile. Adult Cooper's Hawks get a slate blue-gray back and wings, red horizontal stripes on a white breast, and a bright red eye.


Scott said...

Must be a juvenile.

Kelly said...

I think this is actually a sparrow. Notice how brown and streaky it is, and that it's sitting on the ground.