Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yuhas Woods

Today was the INPAWS walk at Yuhas Woods. Yuhas is a Red Tail Conservancy property in Randolph County, IN. Dr. Ruch and Dr. Torke from BSU led the walk. It was a nice day to be in the woods.

Panax quinquefolius - American ginseng
There were several in fruit in the woods.

Pseudacris crucifer - Spring Peeper
I saw several of these guys in the woods.

Scutellaria incana - hoary skullcap

Pleurotus ostreatus - Oyster Mushroom
I was tempted to bring some home to eat, but I figured that might be awkward with a large group. They are supposed to be very good to eat.

Ilex verticillata - common winterberry
This shrub, along with Buttonbush, was growing very thickly around the sedge meadow.

Polygonum amphibium - water knotweed
Pretty flowers when you look up close.

Bidens coronata - crowned beggarticks

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Scott said...

Sound like a fun trip. I was quizzing myself when looking at the photos before looking at the names, and the Polygonum had me stumped for a few seconds before I figured it out. I guess I've been remiss in looking at the flowers of Polygonum up close.