Friday, August 21, 2009

Rub a dub, dub, three rats in a tub!

We have been pretty blessed with a mild summer this season. On the really hot days, we have tried to find ways to keep the rats cool. When we had the our girl rats, they often liked to dip their tails in a bucket of water. Well, we tried that with the boys, and they didn't seem to like it much. So we thought we would try and see if they liked playing in some shallow water in the bath tub. They tolerated our little experiment, but pretty much wanted out asap. It was fun to watch their reactions. Here are some pictures of them in the tub.

Scout and Boone wondering how to get out of the tub.

Getting splashed with some water.

Scout jumping out of the tub... "Get me out of here!"

Smoky getting splashed

Smoky getting out asap!

We also weighed the boys this week. They haven't gained much in the last two months. Boone didn't gain any weight, while Scout gained 1 oz. and Smoky gained 1.5 oz. Below are their current weights:

Scout: 19 oz.
Smoky: 21.5 oz.
Boone: 24 oz.

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judahmo said...

Poor guys! I'd like to hang out in a tub of cool water...the past few days here have been unbelievably hot and muggy. Hope you are all able to keep cool!