Monday, June 30, 2008

Filipino Food

During our stay in the Philippines, we had the opportunity to experience lots and lots of authentic filipino food. Every family meal was like a huge thanksgiving day meal! Below are some of the meals that we enjoyed. Lunch in Arayat, at Joy's Great Aunt Albina's House.

At a very cool restaurant we had bamboo cooked rice and soup with freshly cooked fish.

Close up of what most of the fish we ate looked like. We got good at eating them by taking off the head and tail and avoiding the bones.

Lunch at Tita Zeny's house. The pancit (noodles) had quail eggs in it!

Lunch at Tita Aurora's house. This is only some of the food; they bought out more later.

Refreshments at Ima's (Joy's grandma's) memorial service.

Some of the food at the family reunion. The food just kept coming!

Dinner at Tito Romulo's house.

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