Monday, June 30, 2008

Philippine Butterflies

There were so many butterflies in the many gardens. There were some of the nicest gardens in the neighborhoods we saw in Metro Manila. I have no clue on the identity of these butterflies, if any of you have any guesses, even to genus, that would be appreciated.This one was in the rain forest in Subic.

These two were also in the rain forest in Subic.

This guy was in Tita Zenaida's garden in Bulacan.

In a garden in Tita Zenaida's neighborhood.

At a park in Metro Manila.

In the garden at Tita Aurora's in Metro Manila.

At a park in down town Manila. It is not just shadow, the underside of his wings really were dark brown. Striking when he would open and close them.


Kelly said...

Those are great butterflies. My favorite is the black one with the white and blue spots.

Kelly said...

I was also thinking about how similar to ours they are even though they're on the other side of the planet.