Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tecumseh Marathon

Last Saturday, Ben completed his first trail marathon. He finished in 5:41:09. I was so proud of him. We were able to see Ben and Andrew a couple of times during the race, so it was a lot of fun to see their progress! Here are some pictures from the race.

And they are off! Here is the start.
Here is Andrew Irwin (around mile 9). You can see what the trail is like from this picture!
Ben at mile 9.
Ben stopped to say hi to us and to eat a bite of his energy bar.
Andrew at mile 18.5.
Ben at mile 18.5. This is one of the many hills in the race.
One of the guys that Andrew had been running with during the race, challenged Andrew to a sprint race by slapping him on the butt. Andrew beat him to the finish line.
Ben running the last stretch to the finish line.
Almost to the finish line. (I thought the guy in the background had a funny expression).
June and Ben. Woo Hoo, Ben finished!
Ben and Andrew and a random dog.
Ben and Me and the dog.

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