Monday, August 07, 2017

Recent Flowers

I was recently spending some time botanizing in the Miami Whitewater Forest. The wetlands had a nice array of flowers, interspersed in the ubiquitous Rubus.

Shrubby Saint John's Wort (Hypericum prolificum) 
There was a diversity of shrubs around the wetlands. Buttonbush was frequent, but so was Spirea, Swamp Rose, and Saint John's Wort.

Hog Peanut (Amphicarpaea bractaeata)

I see hog peanut all over woodlands, but I don't recall noticing it bloom.

Meadow Beauty (Rhexia virginica)

I don't think I had seen Meadow Beauty in southern Indiana before.

Meadow Beauty (Rhexia virginica)

Rough Marbleseed (Onosmodium hispidissimum)

This flower was a little past its prime, and it took me a couple minutes to pin it down. The scientific names seem to be all over the board, but this is rough marbleseed. The seed had the ring like constriction around the base.

Rough Marbleseed (Onosmodium hispidissimum)

Rose Pink (Sabatia angularis)
I am a sucker for these guys. Love that flower.

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