Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Sundew Prairie III

Xyris torta - Slender Yellow-eyed Grass 
The yellow-eyed grass was very common in the open sand.

Rhexia virginica - Virginia Meadow Beauty
I found the leaves before I found the flowers. I knew they were familiar, but I couldn't place them until I saw the bloom.

Lythrum alatum - Winged Loosestrife
There was much more of the native loosestrife present, which was a nice change from many places.

Juncus brachycarpus - Short-fruited Rush
The JUNBRR seemed to be getting the galls pretty frequently.

Polygala polygama - Purple Milkwort
The purple milkwort was a little past blooming. The two types of flowers are evident in the picture, with the small, cleistogamous ones down near the ground level. It took me a bit before I identified this flower, including the hint "the family starts with P".

Campanula aparinoides - Marsh Bellflower
I hadn't seen this little flower in a while. Sure feels like Galium aparine, very rough and catchy.

Oenothera pilosella - Prairie Sundrops
This was a new flower for me. I thought it was quite good looking.

Athyrium filix-femina - Lady Fern

Drosera intermedia - Spatulate-leaved Sundew
The sundews have really taken off and spread. It is hard to walk in places without stepping on them.

Veronica scutellata - Marsh Speedwell
I enjoyed seeing this little speedwell.

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