Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Okaloosa County Birding

Kirk, Kelly, and I went birding on Eglin Sunday evening. The sun was setting with a golden light, and the birding was good.

Two Prothonotary Warblers sang to us in this swamp.

The Longleaf Pine Woods were pretty magical at sunset.  We got to see a Red-cockaded Woodpecker and a Bachman's Sparrow.

I got a nice look at a Blue Grosbeak.  Several were singing for us, so I could work on learning the song.

Kirk spotted this nighthawk perched. Many nighthawks were doing their 'booming' display, which I had never heard before. It is a very impressive sound.  Later, we got to see several Chuck-wills-widows perched and flying.  They sang for us through the night.

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