Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tecumseh Trail Marathon

In late October, Ben and two of his friends ran the Tecumseh Trail Marathon.  It was a beautiful day, but it was a little hot for the runners with a high in the 70's.  All three of them finished, but the heat affected Ben the most.  Here are some pics from the race.

 Rich, Andrew, and Ben at the start of the race.

 My friend, Rachel came out to be a spectator with me.

 And they're off!
 Andrew and Ben at mile 11.7.  Rich was with them too, but not in the pic.

 Rich at mile 21.6.

 Laney waiting patiently in the leaves.

 Andrew at mile 21.6. 

 Rich finishing the race.

 Andrew running toward the finish line.

 Ben finishing strong.

 Laney was so excited to see Ben at the finish that I let her run with him.  

Andrew, Ben, and Rich after completing the marathon.  So proud of all three of them!

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