Thursday, September 25, 2014

Temperance River Gorge - Hidden Falls

Upstream from the campground, the Temperance River comes out of a narrow and deep gorge.  Hidden Falls is one of the highlights of the gorge.

The Temperance River used to have a wide and tall falls at this plunge pool in the river.  Now it has cut its way upstream into Hidden Falls.

The brightness of the morning and the dark of the gorge make for challenging photography.  Hidden Falls is tucked back in the shadows.

Hidden Falls

Another view back up the gorge towards Hidden Falls.

Joy posing by the edge of the gorge.

Looking down at Hidden Falls' pothole.  Swirling water has carved many circular potholes along the gorge.

Laney and I hiking along the trail.

One of the many falls along the gorge.

'Just another common, everyday waterfall...'

The Superior Hiking Trail crossed the gorge above Hidden Falls.  The Moose Mountain Marathon passed this point.

This spruce log wedge against the walls fascinated me.  It was maybe twelve feet above the water, but it had clearly been deposited there during a flood.  That would have been an impressive sight.

Joy peering over the edge of the gorge.  There weren't many guardrails at these parks...

Temperance River gorge

Looking back downstream at the gorge.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning for a hike.

A shadow group photo.

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