Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Brookville Lake with the Arthurs

In late July, we were invited to visit with the Arthurs at Brookville Lake. We drove our canoe down for the day and enjoyed exploring the lake. While we were out paddling, a thunderstorm came through.  We were caught on the other side of the lake and had to paddle across in the rain.  It was a little scary, but Ben thought it was fun.  

The Arthurs in their kayaks. 

Laney looking for water squirrels.

 Ben and me in our canoe.

 Ben having fun in the rain.

 The Arthurs paddling back to the dock in the storm.

We went out again after the storm passed and I tried out one of the kayaks.   

So glad we could visit with the Arthurs while they were in town.

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