Sunday, May 25, 2014

Twisted Ankle Trail Marathon, part 2

Joy and Laney at the Upper Lake.  These are the pictures from my digital camera, mostly taken by Joy.

The three of us posing before the race.  It was cool enough that sweatshirts felt good.

Laney wishing me luck.  She is almost posing for the camera, something she rarely does.

The start of the race, after a word from the race director.  It always feels so good to get started.

Still feeling decent.  ;)  We looped the lake and campground at the start to thin the crowd down some.

This a view up the trail at the first big turn-around.  It was raining steadily at this point.  I am glad Joy had an umbrella.  Many of the volunteers from Georgia looked so cold and miserable during the rain.

Laney watching for me at the finish line as I cross the fishing bridge.  No choice but to run now!  ;)

Final stretch with the end in sight.

Enjoying sitting for a spell with Laney.

Just like in backpacking, it feels so good to be at your destination.  I think Laney was trying to tell me that I should take her with me next time.

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