Monday, April 14, 2014

Laney at the Red River Gorge

Laney and I went camping at the Red River Gorge this past weekend. I enjoy having her with me, and she is doing a good job adapting to new situations.

The weather on Friday night was wonderful. I set up my hammock along a ridge top. I made sure to put my hammock as low down as I could without being on the ground, and put her pillow next to me. She curled up beside me and slept well. The moon was bright and the whippoorwills were singing all night.

Laney and I went for a morning run before breakfast, to see Chimney Top and Princess Arch at dawn. Andrew and Chase joined us.

After breakfast, the whole group headed out. Laney enjoyed being in the lead. I even dropped the leash occasionally to try to accustom her to listening to me even when she is free. Overall, she was very good, but I kept her on the leash most of the hike.

Laney doesn't have much interest in scrambling over rocks. We came to a large, deep, dark rockshelter below Angel Windows. She decided that watching the woods while waiting was more interesting. She would just sit where the other non-explorers were and wait for me.

Heading off down the trail. The day was sunny, and it got pretty warm down in the valleys.

She was eager to see around every turn and over every hill. We would use the sniff breaks as a chance for the kids to catch up.

I needed to have my camera ready before we came to an overlook. Laney would look out over each overlook, but only for a second or two. I assume she was just scanning for squirrels...

Laney (and most everyone else) was getting hot in the afternoon, when we came to a beautiful access to Swift Camp Creek. The sun was shining, the water was inviting.

Laney jumped right in and swam around for a while. She loved the water, and got very playful. I hadn't seen her really enjoy water before like that. She ran circles around everyone on the bank to express her joy.

Laney convinced a group of us into joining her in the water. It was cold at first, but not bitter cold. Cold, but not heart-stopping, quick-breath inducing cold. It actually felt really good once you were down in it. The bottom was smooth and sandy.

The trail followed Swift Camp Creek upstream towards Rock Bridge, passing through a steep gorge.

We got to Rock Bridge late in the afternoon. The kids all scrambled up on top. I let Laney off so that she could get down in the creek and cool down. She jumped into the water and then came right back.

Here is Laney passed out on the side of the trail while the kids were on Rock Bridge. She slept well when we got back.

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