Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Post Oak Trail Marathon - Joy's Pics

Recently, Ben participated in the Post Oak Trail Marathon, near Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He posted details and pics from his perspective here, but I wanted to add some of my pics to the blog too.

Here is Ben at the start.

All smiles at mile 3. 

Still going strong at mile 10.

Laney waiting for Ben to finish.

Regan and Dylan spotted Ben at mile 25 and decided to run up the last mile long hill at the end of the race with Ben.  Here is the best pic of the three of them as they are sprinting towards the finish line.

The Finish Line!  Way to go, Ben!

Laney was SO happy for Ben to finish.  Ben was pretty happy too.


Paul said...

What's the story with the 2 medieval knights behind Ben at the 10 mile?

joy said...

The knights were volunteers at one of the aid stations. I guess they dress up every year.