Sunday, February 09, 2014

Our Snow Fort

This winter, we have had a lot of snow.  After creating a large pile of snow from shoveling our driveway multiple times, we decided to make a snow fort.  

Laney and me in front of the fort.

Looking down the tunnel of the fort.  Ben is actually in the back room of the fort, you just can't see him in the picture.

Ben in the back room.

Laney coming down the tunnel.  You can sort of see Ben behind her.

Me making my way through the tunnel.

Me in the back room of the fort.

A pic from the back room looking down the tunnel.

Laney in the back room.  You can also see the light from her "doggie" door on the left.

It was fun to make the fort and play in the snow.  It's probably the coolest snow fort I've ever made.  

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