Friday, October 18, 2013

Ben's PA Marathon

About a month ago, Ben posted about his recent marathon in Pennsylvania.  Here are some of my pictures from the race.  (I apologize for the delay).

Getting instructions before the start of the race.

And they are off!  This picture isn't great, but I thought it was fun that you could see the runners' breath and steam rising in the cool morning air.

Laney waiting for her master to appear.

Here he comes!  This was around mile 10.  We were able to see him five times throughout the race.  It always nice to see him and find out how he is feeling.  

Around mile 19, we found him on a country road.  He was happy to see us.  Since he lost a water bottle, I gave him some coconut water.

This was at the second to last aid station.  Laney was always excited to see Ben.  She didn't quite understand why she couldn't run with him.

Running down the last stretch.  All he had to do was turn the corner and cross...

 ... the Finish Line!

Ben and Laney reunited!  So proud of Ben for finishing the race.  

For more pictures and Ben's narrative of the race, check out Ben's post here.

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