Friday, September 06, 2013

Emi (March 7, 2011 - July 26, 2013)

Back in July, we said good bye to one of my favorite rats, Emi.  She was the only dark hooded rat out of Mama's 12 babies.  When Emi was younger, she very submissive and shy, but as she grew up and got bigger, she became one of the more dominate rats of the group.  She was very playful and loved to chase my hand.  She was partial to me (Joy), but enjoyed spending time with Ben too.  She loved food and liked to chew things.  She did a bit of damage to Ben's jeans when he left a wrapper from a chocolate bar in his pocket.  She chewed right though his jeans to get the wrapper!  She was very mischievous, and would always check out new things.  She was a sweetie, and enjoyed getting her ears rubbed.  She is missed.

Young Emi peaking out of the cage.

Emi driving the Rat-mobile.

Hanging out with her sisters.

Enjoying some cuddle time with me.

Click here for more pics of Emi.

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