Monday, July 01, 2013

Snake Grab Bag

I have gotten far enough behind on blogging that I am combining several different snakes over the last couple months into one post.

This Northern Banded Watersnake was sunning on a berm near the Sangamon River in Illinios. I was hoping he would feel like sitting still for some pictures, but he was having none of it. He charged right past me to the pond. I didn't feel like restraining him.

Two different Garter Snakes hanging out in shrubs. Central Illinois had quite a spring flooding this year. I imagine that these guys had to spend quite a lot of time up in the shrubs and off the ground.

A Black Rat Snake comes over to check out the camera. It was fun to actually interact with this four foot long beauty in a peaceful manner, instead of having him flee. I laid down next to him to get a nice eye-to-eye view. He actually turned and came over to check me out.

I was walking along a ditch in Pulaski County, Indiana, when I spotted what I first assumed was a banded watersnake. Upon closer look, it turned out to be a little Hognose! I love those snakes. He was very calm and didn't even wiggle when handled. I put him back down after a closer look and took a couple pictures.

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