Sunday, June 02, 2013

Buttercup (March 7, 2011 - May 12, 2013)

Recently, we said good bye to Buttercup (aka Butter).  Unfortunately, her tumor was getting bigger and it was starting to affect her joy of life.  Butter loved to be held and would run to you to give you kisses.  She loved her treats and was pretty chubby.  She wasn't as athletic as the other girls and would often get left behind when everyone else climbed up somewhere.  This never seemed to bother her though, she was content to just hang out on the floor with you.  She was such a sweetie, and she is missed.

Butter driving the Rat mobile.

Enjoying a treat on Ben's lap.

Posing on top of the pumpkin.

Click here for more pictures of Buttercup.

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