Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kelso (Mar. 7, 2011 - Apr. 28, 2013)

Last week, we said good bye to one of our rats.  Kelso (aka Soso) was one of the two boys from Mama's litter.  We lost Fez, Kelso's brother, over a year ago, so Kelso had been our one lone boy rat for awhile.  Since he was by himself, we made sure to give him lots of extra attention.  He loved playing on the couch with us in the family room, and sleeping in his laundry basket.  He was a curious rat and enjoyed roaming around on the floor too.  As he got older, he would sit on our laps and let us scratch him behind his ears.  When we adopted Laney, Kelso was the first rat she met and we often let them interact together (with supervision, of course).  Kelso was never afraid of Laney, even though she could have easily hurt him.  Kelso loved snacks and would wait for his oatmeal (Ben's spoon) every morning.  He was a sweet boy, and we miss him.  

Soso enjoying a snack in the corner.

Hanging out with Laney.

Click here for more pictures of Kelso.

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