Saturday, January 05, 2013

Pumpkin Fun

These pics are from back in November, but I kept procrastinating in putting them up on the blog.  I had bought a decent sized pumpkin for our fall decorations.  After awhile, it seemed like a waste to just compost the pumpkin when I was done using it, so I decided to scrape out all the seeds (to bake) and carve the pumpkin so that the rats could have fun playing in it.  Here are some pictures of them playing.

Mama was one of the first to explore the inside of the pumpkin.

I love Maple's cheeky grin in this pic.

Munching away at the pumpkin's teeth.

Buttercup was a little timid about going inside the pumpkin, but she still wanted to check it out.

I like the little peek rat in this pic.

A group shot of the rats coming to check out the photographer.  (Notice how much the pumpkin's teeth have been "filed" down).

One last cute pic of some of our sweeties.

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Paul said...

Pretty disappointed in this post Joy….Particularly with the pagan origin of jack o’- lanterns….