Friday, October 05, 2012

Kayaking to Jump Off Rock

On Thursday morning, Andrew, Ben, and I went back to Horn Lake to go kayaking again.  It was a beautiful warm morning and the water was calm.  We decided we wanted to check out the old beaver lodge and jump off rock.

Ben and I making our way across the lake.
The beaver lodge is in a little cove to the right of jump off rock.

Some of the fall colors were just starting to peek out.

The boys at jump off rock.

Ben jumping off!

Ben climbing up the rope to jump off again.
He jumped several times.

A fun pic of me that Ben took while he was underwater.  
You can see that the lake water is pretty clear.

I was trying to get a pic of Ben hitting the water.  
This was as close as I got.  

Heading back to Birch Crest Resort.

Andrew and I practicing our synchronized kayaking.  ;)

Smiling and having fun!  It was great time on the water.

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