Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nutcracker Story (Hess edition)

I found a Rat King Nutcracker at the store the other day, and had to get it...

Here is Kelso paying homage to the Great Rat King
by kissing his hand.

Fez getting instructions from the Rat King...
Take down the Nutcracker!

Kelso sizing up the enemy. He is almost as tall as the Nutcracker!

Fez is going for the sword and Kelso is taking out his feet!

Success!  The Nutcracker is down!
Fez is checking to see if he is still breathing...

The Rats win!  The Nutcracker is dead! 
The Rat King proudly proclaims the accomplishment of his servants.

The rats posing for their victory photo...  Smile for the camera!  

And now you know how the Nutcracker Story really ended.

Merry Christmas from Ben and Joy!

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