Thursday, June 03, 2010

Water Rats

We have been trying to get the rats used to water this summer. It seems like a good mental challenge for them and a nice way to cool down. I got the idea from watching this video. We started them out by getting a paint tray and filling it with water. Then we added some treats and toys to the bottom. Here are some of the pictures. I am impressed with how quickly they have learned.

Smoky looking the tray over.

Smoky with his face in the water.

Smoky's style is to look for the treat from the edge and then make a quick dash for it with his mouth.

Scout with his face underwater. Scout has taken to the water much more quickly than the other rats, and has gotten quite a few more treats out of it too. Scout's style is to submerge his face and use his whiskers to find treats on the bottom. He is very quick and effective with this technique.

Here you can see Scout showing Boone the way. Boone is eagerly watching to see where the treats keep coming from.

Boone is much more cautious around the water and did nothing more than sniff the water for the first four days.

Even after watching the other rats get treats, he was still hesitant, but knowing his desire for food, I expect him to become the most enthusiastic water rat we have.

Boone's style is unique. He does his best raccoon imitation and feels around with his hands, while holding his face out of the water. It is funny to see him play with the rocks. He often lifts out the smaller rocks and even tries to lift the larger ones too.

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