Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Arapaho NWR

Monday, we visited Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge in Walden, Colorado. It is a great place to see wildlife, plus the views are not too shabby either.

The island in Lake John had many American White Pelicans and assorted gulls.

Eared Grebe in breeding plummage

Western Grebe, which is much larger than the Eared Grebe.

Note the olive-yellow bill and black around the eye to distinguish from Clark's Grebe. We only saw Westerns. I love their bright red eyes.

We saw many waterfowl species at the NWR. This Northern Shoveler really caught my eye. I am only used to seeing them in winter plumage. He looks pretty sharp.

Cinnamon Teal was the one strictly western duck that I was hoping to see.

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