Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rat Weights

We weighed the boys this week to see how big they have gotten. I thought for sure that Boone would be over two pounds. I was also surprised how much of a gap there was between Boone and Smoky, and that Scout was so close to Smoky. We always think of Boone and Smoky as the big boys, and Scout as the little guy.
Boone - 1lb 14oz
Smoky - 1lb 9oz
Scout - 1lb 6oz
I guess if we gave them equivalent weights in human terms, Boone would be 240lbs, Smoky would be 200lbs, and Scout would be 176lbs.
The rats have been very lovey lately, wanting to spend time on our laps. Above is a picture of Smoky enjoying being petted on Joy's lap. Usually they do not hold still for too long.

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judahmo said...

So, will they continue to get larger?