Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Florida/Alabama Lizards

Here is a collection of lizards that I have encountered while working in Florida and Alabama, in addition to the ophisaur. The lizards sure have been out-numbering the snakes in species and individuals. Several lizards on this trip have gotten away without being captured in a photo, like the race runner and broad-headed skink.

Anolis sagrei - Brown Anole
This is one of the non-native reptiles in Florida. They are from Cuba and the Bahamas. This one was near Tampa.
Scincella lateralis - Ground Skink
These seem to be fairly common. I found this individual at Torreya State Park. More often than not, I'd just hear them scurrying off through the dry leaves.

Hemidactylus - Gecko
This may be a Hemidactylus turcicus, a Mediterranean house gecko. Kelly found this guy while we were going to church. There is nothing like a visit with the Easter Gecko! We put the gecko on the tree trunk to get a picture, and I was amazed at how well he blended in. We almost couldn't find him after he scurried around the trunk.
Anolis carolinensis - Green Anole
This Green Anole was in a pine woods that had recently been burned at Kelley State Park in Alabama. I was trying to get a picture of him on the black bark. I don't know why he decided to display for me. Maybe he was trying to say that he wasn't afraid of someone as slow as me.
Same picture, but I liked the colors in the close-up. Click on it and blow it up to full-size. The yellow on the labials is pretty cool.
Sceloporus undulatus - Eastern Fence Lizard
This individual seemed especially vibrant. He had quite a good set up on a hollow log that allowed for a rapid retreat. A pretty common lizard, but I love seeing them. They remind me of the thrill of the chase I would get as boy whenever I spied one.

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