Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Florida/Alabama Herps

Hyla femoralis - Pine Woods Treefrog
I found this guy blending in with the lichens on the trunk of a locust tree in a swamp at Hillsborough River State Park, Florida.
Eurycea cf. quadridigitata - Seepage Bog Dwarf Salamander
This salamander was under the same log as the Rough Earth Snake Kelly and I found. Kelly went after the salamander and I caught the snake. I did not get as many pictures, since I was holding the snake at the time.

Lithobates clamitans clamitans - Bronze Frog
This ID is just a best guess. The spotting under the chin is interesting. He was sitting in a ditch/wetland along a highway in Flomaton, Alabama. (The name Flomaton always sounds like a bad infomercial product to me.)
Hyla cinerea - Green Treefrog
This was such a tiny treefrog, he was barely wider than the sedge leaf blade.
Coluber constrictor priapus - Southern Black Racer
The snake photo doesn't really fit with the other amphibians in this post, but I thought I would throw him in there and call it a herp post. Racers were the most common snake encountered while we were working. I was expecting to see this guy when I approached, and sure enough he was sitting in the grass sunbathing. He slithered off into the woods, but then decided to come back to his cover underneath this discarded roofing material, crawling right through my legs.
Eurycea cirrigera - Southern Two-lined Salamander
This sprightly salamander was in a creek bed in Gadsden County, Florida. He was very active and would even jump. I liked his posture.

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