Sunday, February 21, 2010

Muscatatuck Otters

We stopped by Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge near Seymour, IN this afternoon. It was a warm, sunny day and everything was slushy and thawing. The highlight was watching the otters play on the ice. We saw nine otters, with at least seven at the one lake. I had seen otters there before, but never this close or this much in the open.They seemed to have no trouble catching fish to eat. An otter was popping up onto the ice with a fish every couple minutes.

Another otter popping up with a fish. They had many different holes in the ice.

Eating a fish on the ice.

Triangle otter

I didn't get to see them run and slide, but they would slide on their front and walk with their back legs. Looked pretty amusing.

The most otters I could get in one picture. We sat and watched them from our car for over a half hour.

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