Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Great Horned Owl!

I have been keeping my eye on a pair of Great Horned Owls that live just east of my apartments. I have seen them along Mt. Comfort road many times in the morning, and I usually see them when I take a walk north or east. As many times as I have seen them, I have never gotten a good picture. Getting close enough for a good picture means spotting the owl before he wakes up. Once he is awake, there is no chance of getting within 100 yards. This afternoon, I spotted him in a large burr oak, but with his back towards me. I love their plumage.
I circled around the tree, looking for a break in the branches to take a picture. I got about one second before he flew away. I was so happy that the camera focused on him and not the branches in the foreground. I love the bright orange around the face.
He takes off after dazzling me with his presence.
Both owls land in an oak tree in the middle of a corn field. Even from over a quarter mile away, they do not allow any approach.

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