Thursday, September 24, 2009

Camping in Michigan

Friday night we got a campsite at a small private campground near the race. It was within earshot of the main state route, but it was convenient and decent. Actually, the neighbor who generously decided to share classic rock with us was more noticeable than the highway. (He turned it down a notch when I asked.) I woke up pretty early and listened to the coyotes howl and a redneck shooting an automatic riffle in their direction. I have to imagine that he was just shooting in their direction. I was always happy when they resumed howling. A whippoorwill also sang for us. Here is our campsite.

Regan sitting around the fire. It was perfect weather for camping, cool enough for a fire and a sweatshirt, and perfectly dry.

Joy and Regan by the fire.

Saturday, after the race, a shower, and a nap, we drove up an hour or so to Sleeping Bear Dunes. We got a nice, quiet campsite less than a mile from Lake Michigan. We stayed at the Platte River Campground.

We decided to postpone dinner and take a hike to see Lake Michigan before sunset.

Regan getting to the beach.

Joy on the beach

There was a nice couple watching the sunset. They graciously offered to take our picture. Regan then went for a swim, which is good, because I don't think he showered the whole weekend. ;)

Joy and I

Regan swimming

Fishermen in the sunset

Sunset over Lake Michigan

North and South Manitou Islands across the bay. It would have been fun to explore them if we had more time.

We stayed until it got dark, and then Regan got out of the water, and we walked back.

Joy and the way back

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Good photo of you and Joy.