Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My Dad's 72nd Birthday

My dad's birthday was on Saturday, and my whole family came into town to celebrate all weekend long. My siblings and I got my dad a Nintendo Wii for his birthday. He had never played one before so it was fun to see him play and watch his reactions. He was pretty good at it too! We had a blast playing it all weekend long. It was great to see everyone.

My dad's reaction to unwrapping the Wii.

Dad bowling.

Dad and Judah boxing.

Here is a video of Dad's tennis skills.

Our Mii family! Can you identify us?
Starting from the top, left to right: Shannon and Tracy
Middle row: Jason, Mom, Jennifer, Joy, and Judah
Bottom Row: Bella, Ben, Bina, Dad, and James

All of the kids and grandkids with Dad
Back row: Joy, Ben, Bella, and Tracy
Middle row: Shannon, Jennifer, and Jason
Bottom row: Bina, Dad, James, and Judah

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judahmo said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you got a shot of the Mii family...I had wanted to get one and forgot.