Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The young eagle from the pair I have been watching all year has now left the nest. Although he could have flown any day in the last seven, it is still exciting to see the fledgling out on his own. (Disclaimer - I have no idea about the gender of the fledgling.) I was scanning the nest this morning, with no luck, when I heard him begging from a nearby roost. He was on the same tree where the adults spent a lot of time perched. The adults took turns bringing him fish. Eagles aren't good at handing over fish, and dropped one while I was watching. The fledgling flew off later in the morning.

This is just a close-up of the first picture. The low light level and distance did not allow for many good photo opportunities. The white flecks on the fledgling sure seem to create a camoflauge effect with the sunlight through the trees.

Here is the fish that the eagle dropped. I imagine that it is a carp of some kind.

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