Friday, March 07, 2008

Helicopter Ride

The helicopter in which we traveled
In front of the helicopter

The Columbus skyline
Monroe County, OH
The Ohio River valley, south of Wheeling, WV
The Barnesville Reservoir, Belmont County, OH
Duncan Falls and the Muskingum River, Muskingum County, OH
Late afternoon of Eastern Ohio
A reason to appreciate car gas prices

Yesterday, I got a chance to ride along on an overview of a pipeline corridor in Ohio. The purpose was primarily for representatives from the OEPA and USACE to get a landscape view of the corridor. It was a lot of fun to do, and a challenge to stay oriented while traveling 100 mph a 1000 feet up. The weather was beautiful and the flight took all day. The helicopter was very nice, although it was not very spacious. Helicopters sure are a great way to travel.


judahmo said...

Uncle Ben-
Why did you get to go on the helicopter ride? Was it part of your work? It looks like fun.

ben said...

The helicopter ride was a part of work. I went to help show where the pipeline is supposed to go. It was fun, you would like helicopters, I think.