Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Rats!

There are Easter Bunnies... well, why not Easter Rats!? We thought it would be fun to get some Easter pictures of the girls.

Ashley is not so sure why she is in this colorful basket.

"Is there something in this egg?"

"Hmmm... I think I smell something!" (we hid a yogurt dip in the yellow egg, Ashley could smell it!)

"How do I get this thing open!?"

"I will just run away with it!"
(And she did! Ben and I cracked up laughing when Ashley took off with this egg. She was holding it by the little piece of plastic that kept the egg halves together. She ran off behind the bookshelf, and Aubrey was there to help her open it! Yogurt dips are Aubrey's favorite, so she got the treat in the end.)

Both of the girls together. (Aubrey on the left, Ashley on the right)

Aubrey was not sure what she should do. She stayed really still (which is great for pictures, but not typical of Aubrey). Ashley was busy looking for more treats.

And last, but not least... here is Ashley doing her best egg impression.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Happy Easter!

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